Where to Stay

Although Fontwell Park does not have an onsite hotel, there are plenty of accommodation facilities nearby which we recommend. Please note that Fontwell Park has no affiliation with any of these accommodations and they are here for recommendation purposes only.

Whether you are looking for a hotel in Chichester, Arundel, Bognor Regis or any other nearby Sussex towns, our list below will help you to get a good night sleep after a day of racing at Fontwell Park.


Cottage Holidays

Market Place, Reepham, Norfolk, NR10 4JJ. Tel. 0333 2020 899

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Days Fontwell

Days Lane, Fontwell, Arundel. BN18 0TA. Tel. 01243 698 060

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Woodacre Bed & Breakfast

Arundel Road, Fontwell, West Sussex BN 18 0QP. Tel. 01243 814 301

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The Salterns

The Salterns, Chichester Marina, Birdham, Chichester PO20 7EJ

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